AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast

Updates on PFAS Legislation - Call Congress!

March 19, 2022 Kevin Ferrara Season 3 Episode 4
AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast
Updates on PFAS Legislation - Call Congress!
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Kevin welcomes audience members for their continued support which has been instrumental in the podcast being ranked number 15 of the "Best 30 Firefighter Podcasts" and number 5 of the "Best 15 Fire Protection & Safety Podcasts" in the world!

Kevin addresses legislation affecting Federal Firefighters (H.R. 2499), recently discussed during "mark-ups", and is now sitting in the House of Representatives awaiting further action. 

Kevin discusses H.R. 7089, the Vet PFAS Act which calls to furnish hospital care and medical services to veterans and dependents who were stationed at military installations and exposed to PFAS, to provide for a presumption of service connection for certain veterans who were stationed at military installations at which the veterans were exposed to such substances, and for other purposes.

Mentioned is the  upcoming Senate Confirmation Hearing for Bill LaPlante who if confirmed, will be the new Department of Defense (DoD) Undersecretary for Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S) which would make him responsible for issues pertaining to PFAS issues plaguing the DOD.

Kevin encourages audience members to contact their Senators and ask what their stance is on Mr. LaPlante as well as asking them some questions below in this description.  The focus of these questions is to hold the DoD accountable for PFAS remediation efforts and reporting requirements, some of which the DoD has already missed deadlines of.

Questions to ask Senators:

  • When will DoD release it's report on the 50 most contaminated sites?
  • How will DoD improve communications and engagement with DoD communities?
  • When will DoD alert veterans and service members they may have been drinking contaminated water for decades?
  • How will Mr. LaPlante comply with the Executive Order to avoid products made with PFAS, products like firefighting foam and firefighter turnout gear?


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