AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast

Managing Fire Departments

June 01, 2022 Kevin Ferrara Season 3 Episode 6
AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast
Managing Fire Departments
Show Notes

In this episode, host Kevin Ferrara talks about the need for regulating and managing fire departments, in particular volunteer organizations.

In addition to his discussion in managing fire departments, Kevin talks about PFAS legislation that is currently being discussed that will impact Federal firefighters, and how PFAS has impacted a New Mexico Dairy farmer.

H.R. 2499 Federal Firefighters Fairness Act of 2022

Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act - Cancer in the Occupation of Firefighter

Daily Herd Management - Air Force Pollution Forces New Mexico Dairy to Euthanize 3,665 Cows

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Pennsylvania SR6 Final Report

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