AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast

A Need For A Firefighter Turnout Gear Safety Stand-down

October 24, 2020 Kevin Ferrara Season 1 Episode 22
AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast
A Need For A Firefighter Turnout Gear Safety Stand-down
Show Notes

In this episode, AFSO21 Radio, the Weekend Wrap-up host Kevin Ferrara provides his personal insight on an issue that is or should be of significant concern within the fire service; that being a need for a firefighter turnout gear safety stand-down in the US Air Force.

After receiving several messages that included evidence of the allegations the new firefighter turnout gear appears to be defective, Kevin conducted his own investigation and found the concerns are not isolated, but rather wide-spread across the globe.   

You'll hear Kevin speak about the concerns and what he feels needs to be done immediately to ensure the concerns and matter is resolved quickly and efficiently.

As the podcast continues, host Kevin Ferrara speaks briefly about the need to address the lack of women in the fire service and why the fire service must change to ensure gender equality exists.

As the episode closes, Kevin speaks about a key piece of legislation in Pennsylvania that if passed, will prohibit the use of Class B firefighting foam and askes the question, why legislation affecting firefighters across the country are not being addressed and worked more efficiently.

Links to the information mentioned throughout the episode:

Philadelphia Inquirer Article on Richochet Manufacturing Company Contract

Women in Fire

Fire Near Miss

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 919

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