AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast

Wrapping-up Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month

January 31, 2021 Kevin Ferrara Season 2 Episode 3
AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast
Wrapping-up Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month
Show Notes

AFSO21 Radio, The Weekend Wrap-up host Kevin Ferrara discusses firefighter cancer awareness and how it continues to affect firefighters across the globe.

Kevin talks about PFAS and how it directly affects firefighters through repeated exposure to products of combustion during and after an incident.  Kevin shares his thoughts on why PFAS blood testing is important and why it should be included in the NFPA 1582 Standard.

Kevin talks about how important lines of communication and transparency are necessary with PFAS and how it appears the Department of Defense, particularly the Air Force remains silent on exposure and contamination.

Kevin introduces listeners to new segments of the Podcast, "On-Scene" and "Shout-outs".

Links to topics discussed

Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month

International Association of Firefighters Resolutions 28 & 31 Regarding PFAS

NFPA 1582, Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments

Oklahoma City Firefighter Disciplined

Phoenix Fire Department Shout-out

Firefighter Near Miss Program

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