AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast

Explosive DoD IG Report on PFAS Used Within the DoD

July 29, 2021 Kevin Ferrara Season 2 Episode 15
AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast
Explosive DoD IG Report on PFAS Used Within the DoD
Show Notes

Get ready everyone, this episode is going to be explosive!

AFSO21 Radio, The Weekend Wrap-up host Kevin Ferrara gives his interpretation of the July 22, 2021, DoD Inspector General (IG) report that shows what the DoD has and has not done to protect DoD personnel including firefighters from PFAS contamination.

Kevin provides audience members a summary of the 82-page report, highlighting certain areas that the DoD IG determined to be in his opinion. failures and egregious lack of initiative and responsibility to adequately protect and inform DoD and civilians on or near DoD installations about PFAS contamination. 

One area of interest is how the DoD stated they have no plans to track, trend, or analyze PFAS blood test results for firefighters despite there being a requirement to do so.  The DoD's refusal has left DoD firefighters asking what their blood results mean and if they should be concerned.  Meanwhile, DoD medical officials have not responded to those inquiries, thus leaving firefighters to feel neglected.


Evaluation of the Department of Defense’s Actions to Control Contaminant Effects from Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances at Department of Defense Installations (DODIG-2021-105)

FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

DoDI 6055.05, Occupational and Environmental Health

DoDI 4715.18 Emerging Chemicals (ECS) of Environmental Concern

DoDM 6055.05 Occupational Medical Examinations and Surveillance Manual

DoDD 4715.01E Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH)

EWG PFAS Interactive Map

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