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The Results Are In

December 07, 2021 Kevin Ferrara Season 2 Episode 19
AFSO21's Weekend Wrap-up Podcast
The Results Are In
Show Notes

In this episode, host Kevin Ferrara talks about his personal PFAS blood test results received from Eurofins.  Eurofins is an alternate source of PFAS blood testing.  Their testing capabilities look for 47 PFAS analytes.

As Kevin talks about his own PFAS levels, he also highlights why it is important to have blood tested for PFAS and what health risks are associated with each analyte. 

As the podcast continues, Kevin talks about his recent interview with Spotlight on America.  Kevin's interview is a continuation of the amazing work Spotlight on America reporter Joce Sterman has done to highlight the significance of PFAS contamination through America and how certain organizations like the military knew PFAS was toxic but said and did little to nothing to prevent unnecessary exposures.

Kevin reminds audience members the next episode will host guest, Alison Fienning, Owner of Pinpoint Behavioral Health and how her work to treat first responders, veterans, and their families has benefited those in need as well as emergency services.



EmpowerDX PFAS Test Kit

Toxic firefighting foam: Exclusive documents show military knew about the risk for years (

Toxic firefighting foam may have harmed U.S. Service members (The National Desk)

Pinpoint Behavioral Health

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5th Annual Firefighter Health & Wellness Conference

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Veteran owned and run by firefighters, Fire Dept. Coffee offers a wide variety of delicious coffee

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